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Alojamiento Web Hosting

Web Hosting
  • Domain Free(.COM .NET .ORG .CLUB)Annual plan
  • Certificado SSL(HTTPS)
  • 30GB SSD Cloud Storage
  • 20 E-mail accounts
  • 100 GB-Bandwidth
  • Daily Backups
  • Technical support
  • FTP Acceso
  • SQL Acceso
  • CRM, ERP +120 Apps Available
CSM WordPress
  • Domain Free(.COM .NET .ORG )Annual plan
  • Certificado SSL(HTTPS)
  • 15GB SSD Cloud Storage
  • 5 E-mail accounts
  • 75 GB-Bandwidth
  • Daily Backups
  • FTP Acceso
  • SQL Acceso
  • Technical support
  • WordPress Apps
Low Host
  • Certificado SSL(HTTPS)
  • 1GB SSD Cloud Storage
  • 3 E-mail accounts
  • 10 GB-Bandwidth
  • Bakups Monthly
  • Technical support
  • FTP Acceso
  • SQL Acceso

Complements of our Services

SSL encryption

The SSL certificate is used to authenticate the owner of the web page. Especially in e-commerce, it is very important to encrypt the data transmission using an SSL certificate, since SSL encryption only protects the data transmission from the server to the client.

  • FREE in All hosting plans
  • Data transmission is secure
  • It cannot be accessed by third parties.
  • All browsers support SSL encryption.
  • An SSL certificate indicates a degree of trust to website visitors

Backups every Sunday at 23:59 -4GTM

At any time, you can request copies of your security files from [email protected]

  • These copies are made in the file directory
  • These copies are also made to the Database SQL
  • You can request daily backup copies, with an additional cost per GB.


A name server is a hardware or software server that implements a network service to provide answers to queries in a directory service. Translate a text-based identifier into a numerical identification or internal system addressing component.

    Our DNS servers are:

  • If your domain is purchased outside of Domains it will be necessary to configure it with these DNS


Technical support is a fundamental part of the total customer experience. So we prioritize failures and Updates errors. which is rare but immediately they are detected measures are applied to correct them.

We understand that we have a great commitment to the customer, which is why since a failure is reported. An analyst is responsible for reviewing and correcting the problem.

    In case of problems, contact by the following means.

  • [email protected]

  • Online Webchat on this page

  • WhatsApp +1 829 972-5544

  • Support ticket
  • Here

Our Cloud Hosting and locations

En la actualidad nuestra infraestructura de redes y nubes cloud nos permiten llegar a miles de ciudades asegurando la calidad y la seguridad en el servicio. En la actualidad contamos con servidores en CANADA Y FLORIDA.


  • Speed up to 100MB/S
  • Safe locations
  • Scalable Servers
  • Supported Servers 24/7

Nuestro Espacio

Servicios de Firewall

Estan diseńadas para bloquear el acceso no autorizado, permitiendo al mismo tiempo comunicaciones autorizadas y la mejor infraestructura de Seguridad.

Data Encryption

La transmisión de Datos es segura y no puede ser accedida por terceros. Mediante protocolos de encriptacíon SSL

Análisis de Data

Ofrece información agrupada del tráfico que llega a los sitios web según la audiencia, la adquisición, el comportamiento y las conversiones que se llevan a cabo en el sitio web.

Proteccíon de Datos

Constantemente Aplicamos medidas para aumentar la proteccín de Datos de nuestros Clientes .

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